INSIGNARE sends 50 students for European internships

INSIGNARE’s schools send 50 students for their 2 and 3 months internships in several cities in Europe

INSIGNARE’s Ourém Vocational School and Fátima Hospitality Vocational School have 50 students doing their internships in several European cities. The students come from all the courses offered by both schools, having been selected from the 2nd and 3rd year classes. Moreover, INSIGNARE has already received the approval for next year’s international internships and jobshadowing, thanks to its VET Charter Accreditation.

The pedagogical and professional training of Ourém Vocational School and Fátima Hospitality Vocational School has the maximum duration of internships allowed by Portuguese law, as schools which integrate students in hundreds of companies in the region, in the country and abroad. All students have a guaranteed internship and these months have been intense, placing all of them in the most suitable places for their profile and training.

The schools began the internship phase in May with the senior students, where they sent 135 students on national and international internships, for 3 months. On the 1st of June, the internships of the 2nd year students began, with 100 students from Ourém Vocational School and 45 from Fátima Hospitality Vocational School, for 2 months.

Around 10% of our students do their internships across Europe, supported by Erasmus+ Programme, while all the others have opportunities to do it in companies in the areas of their training, enhancing their integration into the labor market and improving their technical skills.

From Ourém Vocational School, students are now in Barcelona (Car Mechanics and Management courses), ​​Berlin (Metalworking/CNC and IT), Florence (Design) and Seville (Design). From Fátima Hospitality Vocational School, they are in Bilbao (Cook and Waiter), Florence (Cook), Lyon (Cook and Pastry Cook) and Seville (Tourism).

During this period, our students put into practice what they have learned throughout the course, and learn new work techniques, methodologies and processes, in companies in their sectors of activity, while also benefiting from the cultural and linguistic opportunities existing in the cities and regions where they are located. In each destination, INSIGNARE has local partners who support the learners while they are there, although one of the main goals is also to develop their personal skills, like autonomy, time management, flexibility, goal focus and problem solving.

For the coming school year 2022/2023, INSIGNARE already knows it will be able to send students for similar experiences, which is one of the many reasons each year new students come to us to enroll in one of our VET offers.

In the picture: Some examples from students being presented to their companies: CNC students working in Berlin and Car Mechanics’ in Barcelona.



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