INSIGNARE wins Best Educational Project Award – Portugal

INSIGNARE wins Best Educational Project Award – Portugal

Hospitality School of Fátima – an Insignare’s VET school, was awarded with a national prize in an edition of the Hospitality Education Awards. These awards aim to distinguish projects and institutions in tourism training in Portugal, which stand out in the Hotel and Tourism sector.

The School was nominated among 5 finalists in 2 categories, having won the prestigious “Best Educational Project” award.

The award was announced at a gala on the 10th of December, which, given the public restrictions, took place online, before an “audience” of more than 150 people.

The award was received by the CEO of INSIGNARE, Carina João Oliveira, who highlighted it as “a very great pride, for all who from the first moment contributed to the success of this school”. The project was based on the practical concept of presenting the “Kitchens of the World”, in which the School annually presents the final exams of the students of Cuisine and Restaurant-Bar.

At the awards ceremony, she highlighted that “the basic concept, the roots of the project are to provide students with a practical model of training and real and concrete experimentation of their knowledge. We believe so much in this project and in this model, which is inscribed in our most “sacred” regulations, the Educational Project and the internal regulations. It has indicators, goals and objectives. It has specific clothing and discipline. Nothing is left to chance, it couldn’t be any other way in a school with a future. ”

These times marked by the pandemic have not been forgotten, maintaining a record of what the School proposes to keep as a unique brand in the region, specialising know-how: “Nobody

learns to cook or to serve on a computer. No one tastes the result of this cuisine through a screen nor a cocktail is served on the keyboard. That is why we are here, with what is even more valuable in these times: human contact, the art of know-how … which is irreplaceable, and Hospitality is just that, human care.”

The awards aim to recognise the best in education and training in the field of “Hospitality”, and aim to contribute to the dignity of professionals and their professions, whether in university, secondary or VET schools.

The demanding jury consists of Portugal’s National Tourim Institut, the National Association of VET Schools (ANESPO), the Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP), the Network of Public Higher Education Institutions in the field of Tourism (RIPTUR) and the World Tourism Organization (UWNTO), which makes these annual distinctions become a bridge between the academic world and the professional world.

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