INSIGNARE’s VET Schools close two partnerships

INSIGNARE’s VET Schools were present during the second week of June in two meetings that completed an equal number of projects: “Youngsters Nowadays. Where From, Where To” and “Developing Tolerance and Mutual Understanding in Europe “, both supported by the Erasmus + program.

INSIGNARE (Portugal)

The first took place in Assopia, Greece, with partners from Italy, Portugal (Fátima Hospitality School), Romania and Turkey; the second was in Ticleni, Romania, with schools coming from Hungary, Portugal (Ourém Vocational School) and Turkey, in addition to the local one. These events took place over two to three days and do not involve students, but only teachers and technicians from partner organizations.

At both meetings, the participants evaluated these partnerships, namely its outcomes – new methodologies, booklets, calendars, dictionaries, tools, … – and their positive impacts on students, teachers and schools. It can be found at the Erasmus Results Dissemination Platform, to be used all over Europe.

Joint participation in other partnerships was also encouraged to follow up on the good environment and the results obtained. As an example, here’s the photo that symbolizes the end of the project: it gathers the participants around the tree planted two years ago in the garden of the Greek school, when the “Youngsters Nowadays. Where From, Where To” project began.

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