INTENT – Interdisciplinary Teaching and Training 4.0 had its 3rd meeting

INTENT – Interdisciplinary Teaching and Training 4.0 had its 3rd meeting 

INTENT, an Erasmus+ KA 2 partnership coordinated by Bezirksregierung Köln, Germany, and with I.I.S.S.”MARCO POLO” from Italy; “Vysocina Education” and “Okresni hospodarska komora Jihlava” from Czech Republic; “ACISO – Associação Empresarial Ourem-Fátima” and “INSIGNARE – Associação de Ensino e Formação” from Portugal; and “Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea” from Spain, had its 3rd meeting on the 5th of November 2020. 

The project aims to develop further education modules for the professional development of VET teachers and trainers. They shall be enabled to optimally prepare their students for the world of work 4.0 by supporting the use of innovative teaching and learning practices and taking into account the concrete requirements of the world of work – such as multidisciplinary cooperation, complex problem-solving skills, management of human-machine interfaces, and cyber security. 

Although the meeting was held online due to the pandemic, a lot of work was done: 

  • The changes in the working world and the new role of teachers were discussed; 
  • A Summer School for VET teachers was also outlined, including proposals for developing specific training modules; 
  • An example of interdisciplinary teaching and training between technical and business sectors was presented and discussed; 
  • Project management issues were also worked on. 

Further information can be requested to Mrs. Folene Nannen-Gethmann at the following address

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