Internationalisation for all

Internationalisation for all

Embedding international competences in VET curricula

The importance of internationalisation @home education will increase in order to acquire international competences. The BUILD@HOME project is aimed to meet this need by developing an easy to use toolbox that enables teachers and students to create or follow education that closely matches the curriculum/learning objectives, learning needs, talents and core qualities of the student. All this in the context of the required international competences and Agenda 2030. The toolbox is designed for every type of education and for every type of student.

In the long term, the desired impact is that every participating VET school has structurally incorporated the toolbox BUILD@HOME in education so that every student can gain international experience in regular lessons, without having to travel abroad. From the 24th to the 26th of May we will culminate in Helsinki a training addressed to VET teachers from the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Italy and the Basque Country to embed internationalisation in the VET curricula of every student. Because there is no real internationalisation if it does not reach each of our students.

For more information visit the project Website.

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