Internationalization of human capital

Our work in the International Mobility for Learning can’t forget the local dimension. We take care of organizing work placements both in sending and hosting young students and learners.

UNISER Coop (Italy)

thought-2123971_1280Hosting students, workers and professionals from abroad means that one of the most important aspects is the relationship we establish with the companies which welcome foreign trainees.

What role do these companies have? Are They customers? Absolutely no. We do not sell them any service. Are They providers? Not even, because we do not buy anything from them.

They are just partners.

That is, we have a constant and lasting relationship with them over time, a positive and useful exchange for both, Uniser and host companies.

What do the partner companies of Uniser?

They welcome trainees from abroad with a profile which exactly matches their needs. Before the trainees arrive in Italy, we make skype call meetings and we study their CVs. In this way we take care of the perfect matching between trainee and company, thanks to the analysis of the needs and comparison of the profiles. The trainee can be an important resource for the company, helping at a critical time or be a sort of consultant in areas where companies are lacking or the beginning of a new service thanks to the language skills.

What we are most concerned about is that companies which host students understand the spirit of the mobility: we do not work with companies that are looking for costless labour (the costs are in fact entirely covered by the projects thanks to the program Erasmus+ or similar programs) but we choose only the companies that share our vision. The idea is to host trainees from abroad because it is an opportunity of growth for both company and student. For young people doing an internship in a foreign country, learning the language, getting in touch with Italian culture and studying a market they do not know. And for companies to have a European trainee means to have a resource that, in addition to making available their work skills, will lead to a wave of Europe, which will expand the boundaries, hearts and minds of colleagues, becoming a latch to open doors that seemed to be closed.

With this spirit, we organize the first event dedicated exclusively to companies that share dreams, vision and hopes with Uniser.

On June 29, in the magnificent surroundings of San Giacomo in the city of Forli, we’ll create our first event dedicated exclusively to the local companies with the aim of informing about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program in the field of training mobility, creating opportunity of exchange and sharing experience and good practice.

The event is co-financed by the project Erasmus+ KA2 EQAMOB (European Quality Assurance in Company for Learning Mobility).

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