Internship made Lithuanian students and teachers more versatile

Internship made Lithuanian students and teachers more versatile

Students and teachers of Marijampole VET centre (Lithuania) have developed their professional, intercultural, linguistic and other competences in 4 European countries.

Erasmus+ project “International experience for your successful future” was meant for students of 4 specialties. Students worked in international teams, developed their English competences, deepened communication and financial skills, learned about cultures of the countries they have visited.

In Italy future waiters served Italian and international customers, made Italian coffee, prepared snacks. Cooks learned to process and prepare seafood, fish, Mediterranean hot dishes, snacks and desserts. Future car mechanics learned how cars are maintained and repaired in Germany, they accepted orders from customers, identified and eliminated car faults using various technologies. Students of the specialties of land reclamation and road construction and maintenance performed various road repair and maintenance works, using various techniques in Spain.

After returning home most participants emphasised that they had become more confident, more independent, bolder, more communicative and responsible, had learned to plan their time and organise work tasks, were not afraid to express their opinions. Participants learned to manage their financial resources more responsibly. The result of the project is a virtual book of Italian recipes.

The project “Modernisation of teaching methods based on EU experience” was for vocational teachers. They learned how professions of cooks, waiters, car mechanics, IT technologies are taught in Italy, Germany, Finland. They learned about new or more interesting teaching methods, which they would implement in their own methodology. For example, teachers of IT were surprised with the high culture of IT teaching in Finland, how teachers trust their students with using modern expensive equipment. In their lessons the teachers apply knowledge that they got during they internship in Europe.

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