INTERVET project: the VET staff job shadowing mobility call

Prishtina REA, the INTERVET Kosovo Partner, coordinated closely with Uniser, the VET STAFF – JOB SHADOWING – MOBILITY CALL.  

As considering it a very attractive opportunity, we have mobilized our team to work closely with the key VET stakeholders and partners, towards promoting it widely, organizing info-session with VET School Coordinators, with the National Agency for VET and Adult Training and with our partner LuxDev project supporting VET system in Kosovo.

Beside it, additionally, there were a continuous communication administered with all municipal education departments and VET School directors to sensibilize the application process to the best profiles of VET staff and teachers as per the published call’s goals and criteria’s.  Although, we were sure that we are keeping the right approach, however, we love social media promotion and advertising, i.e. getting the attraction of widely VET community.

As INTERVET partner, we, were keen, not only to do our part of the tasks and activities, but to develop internationally the Identity of INTERVET-VET System Internationalization as unique partnership, a special intervention, and a way ahead Mobility concept of internationalization.

The keep principles we wanted to transmitte to potential applicants were related to:

  • EU best practices on VET teaching methodologies – Da Vinci College,
  • Creating learning dialogue among Western Balkans and EU partners-networking
  • VET daily work environment and educational practices – the dedication to bring back a lot

 Out of 27 very good applications received, we were able to select only three of them and all of them, representing highly qualified and committed VET teachers.

We are happy with the process of application, the partnership development, the motivation about the Mobility we have installed widely, and the sense of competition following the process. We hardly wait for sharing the Job-Shadowing experience to our VET schools, students, communities and the society.

Watch the video produced by Prishtina REA, INTERVET partner, here.

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