INTERVET WB: the 2nd meeting of the project was held virtually

The 2nd meeting of the project INTERVET Western Balkans was held virtually on 30th of September 2020. Colleagues from Uniser, INCOMA, ZNI, MODE, ROC Da Vinci College, SEPR, MCAST, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, National Centre for Development of Innovation & Entrepreneurial Learning, Pristina REA, International University of Sarajevo, and Albanian Skills are getting more and more to know each other online.  

Annalisa Palano from Uniser, the project coordinator, opened the meeting and soon stated its main aim, namely, to update the partners about the practical changes. Different topics have been addressed during the meeting, which was divided into six parts. 

Annalisa Palano showed with a PowerPoint presentation how the initial plan of the project activities has been influenced by the pandemic. Indeed, Uniser originally organised the planned Activities (Thematic Team, Summer School, and Training Assignments) but during the implementation of the project and due to the impossibility of people to move across borders, it has been decided to organise them virtually. 

The dissemination was presented by EfVET and UniserEfVET introduced the main goal of the dissemination and the role of EfVET in its management, while Uniser presented the Main Dashboard Dissemination Sheet. 

At the end of the meeting, Annalisa Palano briefly presented the next steps regarding the project and thanked everyone for their participation. 

It was a successful meeting with very positive outcomes.

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