Introducing VET_GPS in Vienna

The Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Conference took place at the crossroads the Bulgarian and Austrian Presidencies of the Council of the EU.

Europe needs to place greater focus on its citizens’ transversal skills, as described in the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, increase their employability, but also and especially make them socially included and active citizens. However, skills and competences in Europe are only recognized within the context formal education, and thus there still persists the need to make all learning visible and to validate skills acquired from other learning environments.

However, the soft skills is often referred to be as non-measurable skills by conventional tests or exams. That’s why EfVET is committed to promote and bring soft-skills into curricula of VET schools. One good example of this is VET_GPS – Vocational Education and Training, Guiding tools for Professional Skills. Therefore, Lifelong Long Learning Annual Conference was the perfect forum to introduce this forum as their theme and the project main subject are matching.

The space selected to introduce VET_GPS was the Gallery Walk. Every year, Lifelong Learning Platform offers the possibility to present European projects during their annual conference, which is the perfect occasion to exchange views with other stakeholders and learn from others.

EfVET, as usual participant and member of LLLP, organised a successful presentation about VET_GPS project. VET_GPS is willing to develop and present a wide set of tools, guides and materials addressed to trainees, VET principals/managers, VET trainers/teachers.

EfVET introduced to LLLP delegates the work done so far by VET_GPS partners. So far, partners are keep working on the  development of the toolkit for Professional Guidance’s and Coaching whcih is basically a document with guidelines and orientations to support curricula. Furthermore, the VET_GPS partner is expected to contribute to:

  • Increase the quality of VET provision and offer
  • Reduce the mismatch between skills acquired in VET training and labour market needs

The LLLP participants were impressed by the preliminary guide for integration of the Soft Skills in VET curricula results which highlights that soft-skills are indeed supporting VET providers and policy makers to integrated a new strategies and methodologies for the future integration of these skills in VET system.

The participants has been invited to visit website and follow the project on Facebook page.

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