IQWBL (Improving Quality of Work-Based Learning)


Coordinator: Mats Löf

Contact Details: Kokkolan kauppaopisto, Vingenk. 18, 67100 Kokkola, Finland

Starting / Ending Date: 09/2010 – 08/2012

Summary: Objectives

The starting-point is the so-called \”Majakka\” (\”Lighthouse\”) project – a website with links to documents used when sending students abroad for a period of work-based learning.
The objective of IQWBL is to implement best practices with regard to Work-Based Learning, gathering information from the partner countries, and thus \”reflecting the light of the beacon\” with regard to the local situation and practices in WBL.

Founding Agency: CIMO, Finland

Partners: Kaunas Food Industry and Trade teaching center, Kaunas, LT; CNE \”Gh. Chitu\”, Craiova, RO; Frank Suell och Jörgen Kocks Gymnasium, Malmö, SE; CSCS, Pistoia, IT

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