Jobshadowing in Belgium: Blended Learning and Digital Tools

Jobshadowing in Belgium: Blended Learning and Digital Tools

Between 6 and 13 December 2021, four Esprominho employees carried out a jobshadowing in Belgium, in the cities of Brussels, Genk and Bruges, through the Go Up Again Project (2019-1-PT01-KA116-060624), supported by the Erasmus+ Programme. The main objective of this mobility was to learn more about distance learning, blended learning, some digital tools that support teaching and help to implement online courses.

The Go Up Again Project also reflects the need to improve the professional skills of the teaching and non-teaching staff. This way, for 6 days, four members of Esprominho in Europe staff, namely, Cláudio Marques – Executive Director, Raquel Gonçalves – Communication Manager, Sara Duarte and Alex Faria – International Project Managers – embarked on a Jobshadowing in Belgium (Brussels, Genk and Bruges), in order to learn more about various types of distance learning such as Blended Learning, as well as some of the Digital Tools used by teachers in the visited schools, in order to bring to Esprominho more knowledge about the area and be able to improve the quality of teaching at school.

The first day of this mobility started in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The School Katholiek onderwijs Vlaanderen received the group for a Blended Learning Training with Tim Van Aken and Barbara Defreyne. In this session it was also possible to share some experiences and perspectives of the development of digital in education. On the second day, in collaboration with Ilse Bervoets, from MoveBe, the four had a workshop on Digital Tools to improve Blended Learning, such as Quizlet, Bookwidgets, H5P or Ahaslides. Sara, Alex, Raquel and Cláudio also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Syntra PXL Training Centre in Genk and talk to Richard Welten about new strategies and ways to implement Blended Learning in vocational schools and the best ways to motivate both teachers and students in this new way of teaching. In Bruges, the group visited the facilities of the CVO SVG School, presented by Thekla Roose and had a workshop about new digital tools that help implement Blended Learning in vocational education, given by Jolien Van Lerberghe and Veerle Mores, trainers in the field of Hairdressing. Jolie and Veerle chose Edpuzzle and Socriative as digital tools to present.

This mobility allowed a professional development and a cultural opportunity for the Esprominho’s staff members. In addition to the exchange of experiences and new learning, they also developed linguistic and social skills.



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