Joint staff training in Køge Business College

On November 2019, the partners of the “Schools 4.0 – Innovation in Vocational Education” attended the training seminar at the Køge Business College (Denmark). This activity aimed at learning from the Danish experience regarding digitalization and to have a greater understanding of how Danish VET Colleges are becoming “Schools 4.0”. The Danish partner Køge Business College hosted this interesting seminar, attended by 25 participants coming from three different partner countries (Greece, Portugal and Belgium).

The training included interesting lectures on topics related to the Danish education and the schools 4.0 in the VET system, accompanied by practical visits to the Køge Business College and the EUC Sjælland VET College.

The main subject introduced during the staff training was focused on the Danish education and labour system; Micro-Learning and Teaching strategies; Flipped Learning; Digitalised Language Learning; Working with Refugees; Role of the trainer in a digitalized school and a presentation on the Future in Denmark regarding schools 4.0 in the VET system.

The Danish partner offered the occasion to learn from experts in the different domains and proving a great picture of how the Danish system is implementing different measures to cope with new societal and employment challenges. The activity also provided the participants with the chance to share ideas on the methodology from the Portuguese system and how they are implemented measures to have a Schools 4.0 in place.

The training was a great opportunity for Greek , Portuguese and Danish teachers to share and learn from others and to discuss how to prepare young people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


About Schools 4.0 -Innovation in Vocational Education
The Schools 4.0 is an Erasmus+ funded project which is rethinking VET pedagogical framework. The results of the pedagogical review of the current methods will be present at the end of the project via an e-book in English with links to versions in Portuguese, Greek, Danish and French.


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