Jussi Kajander

Jussi Kajander is the Education Director of Luovi Vocational College that offers vocational special needs education and training for young people and adults.

He has a master’s degree in Education from the University of Helsinki. His majors were adults and special education and social science. His main areas of expertise include vocational education and training, e-learning, special needs education issues, employment matters, education leadership and management .

He has worked over 10 years in different positions in development and management of vocational education and in several national and European level projects as a project leader or member of steering groups.

For example currently he is developing new e-learning and teaching methods for special need students. He also works closely with Luovi Global Education that offers expert services in special needs education for educational institutions and other co-operation partners.

Jussi Kajander has taken part in the EfVET family for more than ten years and is very excited to start working as the Finnish representative in the Board of EfVET.

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