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To European stakeholder organisations in education and training and social partners


In order to enhance the visibility of the outputs of the Education and Training 2010 work programme, the European Commission has developed the KSLLL (Knowledge System on Lifelong Learning) website which will offer you the possibility to find easily accessible and up-to-date information on mutual learning in the fields of education and training for the development of lifelong learning in Europe.

You can also access the KSLLL from this site
The KSLLL builds mainly on the work of peer learning clusters and other groups and contains the following categories of information:

  1. Education and Training 2010 work programme – brief introduction
  2. Peer learning clusters and other groups – whose outputs may be found on the KSLLL
  3. Peer learning activities  – which have taken place including summaries, conclusions and participants
  4. Compendia of good practice  – developed by the peer learning clusters or other groups
  5. Country information  – developed as part of the Education and Training 2010 process as well as links to Eurydice country sheets.

The section on Compendia of good practice also offers an interactive functionality allowing external contributors to register and provide examples of good practice to the Compendia of good practice section in the fields covered by the Education and Training 2010 work programme.

The KSLLL will be adapted to support the priority areas and working methods under the new Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training, in particular to develop the visibility and dissemination of results.

We hope you will find valuable information on the KSLLL and we invite you to circulate the above information to your network of colleagues and contact persons involved in the fields of education and training at national level.

Kind regards
José Pessanha

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