Latest updates on the HL Conference of the DRIVES Project

Latest updates regarding the planning of the HL Conference of the DRIVES Project

* Automotive Sector – Skills and Transformation

The conference originally planned to 27 May 2020 will take place online as WEBINAR. The webinar considers the challenges faced in meeting skill needs in the automotive sector and points to how they might be addressed, as well as discussing actions promoted by the European Commission to address these needs.

* Skills and Transformation of the EU’s Automotive Sector

The full HL Conference event is rescheduled to 23 September 2020, and it will take place at the Autoworld, Brussels. The High-Level Conference addresses undergoing transformations in the automotive sector and the challenging alternatives faced to keep-up competitiveness and get required skills. The conference will feature the participation of experts, academics, policymakers and automotive companies.*       Partnership meeting and Apprenticeship forum are rescheduled to the days around the conference – afternoon 22 and morning 24 September 2020 in Brussels.

Please register here for both events and save the date in your agenda. More info is coming soon.

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