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Experiential learning in its basic form means to learning from experience or ‘by doing’ (Lewis & Williams, 1994 ). Also, active learning is a way of teaching that allows learners to do something while they are thinking about what they are doing (Bonwell & Eison, 1991 ). Following these principles M&M training methodoloy is based on learning by experience and addressing practical and real activities and situations.

How M&M works: During our courses, experts and facilitators support trainees and help them in dealing with any kind of issue that may arise during the learning process. Our main objective is to offer a real learning experience centred on a quality circle, which ensures that our activities are evaluated for answering the programs and courses of our participants. Our training is organized in an interactive way, involving theory and practice and it offers a list of interactive activities like: simple activities –icebreakers/energizers- and simple and complex problem-solving activities. The core of this process is ‘experiential education’ or learning by doing. This is a learning process which engages the individual as a whole: intellectually, emotionally and also physically. Moreover, teacher will perform an individualized follow-up to ensure that all participants are engaged and motivated to acquire and develop the techniques and new professional skills that the course offer equip them with. We provide feedback and encourage participation in each person’s own style and capacity. Furthermore, our course evaluation is continuous and personalized, according to the course program and we create an atmosphere in which our participants like to learn and grow together as an educational community. We follow the rule: “What we have to learn, we learn by doing” (Aristotle) Our courses: We offer different course and tailor them to answer our participants’ need. The last courses implemented have been: – Green Pedagogy based in outdoor education
– Game-Based Learning and Gamification in My Classroom
– Mixing Science and arts at your school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics
– STE(A)M)
– ICT Skills for Educators in order to achieve the digital transformation of VET schools
– Improving teaching skills to use artificial Intelligence at their lessons
– Managing Intercultural Groups.
Integration of migrants and Cultures in Practice!!! And more…. We follow the rule: “What we have to learn, we learn by doing” (Aristotle) YOUR GROUTH IS OUR CHALLANGE…

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