Learning playlist in your teaching curricula

Let’s Play VET 2nd partners meeting took place on the 24-25 April, hosted by the Spanish partner, VET School – Salesianos of Pamplona.

Let’s Play VET Erasmus+ project is coordinated by CNOS FAP (Salesianos of Bologna, Italy) and gathers together partners from Italy (UNISER), Ireland (Badgecraft), Hungary (Salesianos), Spain (Salesianos) and Belgium (EfVET). The six partners work together to introduce new teaching methodology, using the American concept of learning playlists (www.lrng.org). In the case of the project, the learning playlist will be orientated for graphic design students. Nevertheless, Let’s Play VET is already going one step ahead, as is already thinking on the future of this revolutionary teaching method -learning playlists- for other subjects.

The main goal is to fight early leaving of education and training. But how we could do that? By transforming how young people access and experience learning, and the paths they take to success. Following this philosophy, partners are aligned to increase students’ motivation, and they agree that this can only be done by involving them since the very beginning of the project. Not only that, but also by collaborating with them to develop the future e-platform, which will include the learning playlists. Students from graphic design VET schools in Bologna, Spain and Budapest will be selected to provide first their feedback, and secondly given them the possibility to go on a mobility experience to test the e-platform and visit the partners’ schools.

Therefore, the 2nd project meeting has included three focus groups with teachers, students and partners. The objective was to understand what are their main motivations or challenges when teaching or learning, in order to start planing the future e-platform.

  • Teachers from Salesianos of Pamplona shared with Let’s Play VET their experiences with technologies in class, for instance they mainly use google classroom or they would like to introduce video-games in their teaching curricula.
  • Students were asked about how they imagine a graphic designer, which tools they use to become a better designer or which are their passions.
  • Partners teachers has shared their main challenges when teaching, such finding motivational resources for their students.

The focuses groups were a really enriching experience, as partners had the opportunity to collect feedback from all the targets groups and to start imaging the future e-platform and the content for the learning playlists.

Most of the dissemination activities that are plan for the project are carefully discussed in order to match in a better way with the target groups (VET students and teachers) interests and expectations.

Next step, will included national focuses groups, where each partner will collect feedback from their colleagues and introduce them in the new concept of learning playlist.

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