'Learning to disagree' trainings and teachers’ guide by EuroClio

‘Learning to disagree’ trainings and teachers’ guide by EuroClio

Don’t miss the Learning to Disagree National Trainings! Set to take place between March and October 2020 in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, the National Trainings will provide a deep dive into teaching strategies designed to tackle controversial issues and assessment methods for history and civics lessons. Each training is uniquely designed to fit within the national context, presenting the collection of viewpoints and the lesson plans that are most relevant to your students.

Consult the full list of trainings on the EuroClio website to find the National Training nearest to you. National Trainings will be held, at least partly, in the national language.

The teachers’ guide for the Learning to Disagree project is now available in English.

The guide contains:

– definitions of what we mean regarding dialogue, debate, and discussion;
– a list of 12 practical teaching strategies that you can use to tackle controversial and sensitive issues in the classroom;
– a list of assessment methods to help you and your students verify if the teaching strategies have been effective and if your students have developed new social and civic competences.

The guide is designed both for teachers with years of experience and for teachers who are approaching controversial and sensitive topics for the first time and provides clear examples and guidelines on how to innovate your classroom practice.

At the moment, the guide is available in English on the EuroClio website, but it will soon be made available in Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish.

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