Letter from CEDEFOP

From CEDEFOP we have received the following letter:

Dear EfVET colleagues,

following the request of Cedefop’s director Johan van Rens, I would herewith like to make you aware of a series of call for tenders for studies relating to transnational mobility of of apprentices and young people in initial VET, which DG EAC has launched just recently. Cedefop was asked to promote and disseminate these calls for tenders as widely as possible.

We would be most grateful if you could advertise these calls on the EfVET website and respectively in your upcoming newsletter if possible. Here is a short text for you to play with which was provided to us by DG EAC:
In the 2005 budget, the European Parliament adopted a new line for a pilot project aimed at promotion the transational moblity of apprentices and other young people in initial vocational training. In implementation of this pilot project, the Commission has launched three public open calls for tenders for studies in relation to this issue.

The first (EAC/34/05) is a Europe-wide study of the obstacles to the transnational mobility of apprentices and the ways of overcoming them. The objective of the study is to arrive at proposals for concrete solutions to the many legal, administrative and practical difficulties that prevent the generalisation of transnational moblity from as a normal and integral part of training pathways.

The other two (EAC/35/05 and EAC/36/05) concern the development of a European credit transfer system for VET. The object of EAC/35/05 is a study on the implementation and development of such a system, and that of EAC/36/05 is a feasibility study and test phase of the system.

Further information and documents are available at this web address:http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/calls/callg_en.html  where you also find a lot of other calls which might be worth the inclusion in your website.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Kind regards,

Bettina Brenner
Cedefop – Library and Documentation Service
PO Box 22427
GR-55102 Thessaloniki

All EfVET members have the right to disseminate their projects through the EfVET web pages. To do so send a short description of the project to the EfVET web-master: ka@ots.dk The description may then link to more information like contact persons or even the full report. The choice is yours!

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