Coordinator: Norton Radstock College UK

Contact Details: Peter Hodgson, Corporate Director

Starting / Ending Date: November 2011 – October 2013

Summary: The ‘key competences in life skills’ project, or LIFE 2 for short, is all about helping young people to develop the skills and confidence needed in the workplace during their vocational training. A specialist team from vocational education organisations and networks from Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK will research and update the LIFE Train the Trainer Pack developed in a previous project to help teachers to integrate life skills into vocational learning. The project is supported by the European Union through the Leonardo da Vinci programme, aimed at improving the vocational education systems of Europe. The challenges facing young people across Europe, which particularly affect those from disadvantaged backgrounds, mean that there is a need to develop their employability and to encourage entrepreneurship skills such as creativity and innovation to help them to set up in business. Our initial research has shown that many employers feel that some young people do not currently have the skills needed in the workplace. We will be working with vocational teachers, teacher educators, vocational learners, employer networks, organisations which support disadvantaged groups and policy makers / influencers. We will work with these groups to research training needs, update the LIFE Train the Trainer Pack and pilot innovative ways to deliver the training in a range of vocational areas. The LIFE 2 training materials will be promoted throughout Europe and the potential for including them in national teacher training programmes will be explored.


Founding Agency: LdV TOI

Cebanc, ES;
Niels Brock, DK;
Bath Spa University, UK

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