LifeOnline multiplier event in Thessaloniki

The LifeOnline multiplier event was organised by EfVET in Thessaloniki, Greece. With some 40 delegates from over 15 European countries attending. This first Multiplier event provided an opportunity to share the work and output of the project’s partnership in developing the training programme to support more effective work based learning opportunities for young people across Europe.

A brief introduction to the workshop/seminar was given byValentina Chanina (Project & Office Manager, EfVET). The multiplier event’s aims and objectives were linked to the wider policy objectives of the European Commission and reviewed the synergy with other initiatives such as, the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and the work of CEDEFOP work groups. It was noted that this project and its training programme would contribute to the primary goal of expanding opportunities through work based learning set out in the recent Riga Declaration.

A short introduction of the project was then also given by Valentina Chanina. The LifeOnline Project is a new E-Learning project funded by Erasmus+ led by Bridgwater & Taunton College, UK with support from partners in Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium and the UK.

The project will benefit learners from different disciplines to be better prepared for the workplace and able to consider a broader range of career options including entrepreneurship and international work.Research shows that youth unemployment rates are still high across Europe. Young people need new skills to be attractive to employers and research shows that there is a strong link between entrepreneurship and employability skills. There is also an increasing demand for international skills that is suited to the global economy such as language and cultural understanding.

Jon Harding (External Funding & Bid Manager EU), and Victoria Pyke (Project Co-ordinator) shared with participants the work undertaken so far in the projects timeframe concentrating on the Intellectual Output related to the pilot study and Learning Platform for open access to online course and communication.

Then, Susana Espilla and Jone Etxebeste from Zubiri Etxebeste College presented an innovative app to guide through their work placement.

Participants were divided in to several groups to discuss 3 key questions and explored their own models of practice and experiences. These were shared with the project team and would be used to refine the product as it moves through its development phase.

The delegates were also delighted to hear from the Director of IVEPE, Heracles Sioulis, in a key note speech. Heracles reinforced the potential of work based learning and the importance of shared roles of stakeholders and regional in making entrepreneurship & international learning more effective and a positive pathway to skills and competence development. He shared with the participants an overview of the challenges faced and the degree to which different challenges facing VET providers, Regional/Local level and young people in a rapidly changing world of employment.

Participants heard the scale and speed of technological change and the nature of work and jobs in to the future. Heracles Sioulis underline that life will never be the same as we know it to-day – the challenge is on and only by all stakeholders working together can we react to such rapid change as we move in to the Industry 4.0 and 5.0 revolution.

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