LikeHome: looking for contributions

LikeHome: looking for contributions

Assessing and recognising the prior learning of migrants. Bridging the gap and paving the road to educational and social integrationEfVET new project LikeHome is an Erasmus+ project (K3) which aims to assess and validate prior learning of newly arrived migrants. We are developing tools that aim to foster a successful integration of migrants in the education, training and working environment of their host country. Therefore, we have developed a basic survey to learn more about experiences of migrants with their host country’s education, training and working systems.


Please contribute to LikeHome project answering a short survey about your experience working or teaching migrants. Please click here


  1. Assess and validate prior learning of newly arrived migrants. This shall lead to an enhanced access to the labour market of the host country.
  2. Generate access to quality and inclusive mainstream education and training with a focus on the needs of disadvantaged learners.


  • Develop a needs and challenges analysis, which will cover the migrant’s perspective and mindsets of several stakeholders from government bodies and the economy in host countries
  • We will select seven best practices from frontrunner countries, which will be adapted to fit the needs of the participating countries
  • Implementation the generated knowledge seminars and workshops with relevant stakeholders will be organized in each partner country.
  • E-assessment tools and a migration relevant database will be created.

Project’s Expert Advisory Board: high profile experts in the fields of labour market and education, will evaluate and test the project results before they are implemented in society.

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