LOST2 in Oslo

LOST2 focuses on the growing missing people phenomenon across the EU, and to help improve the search systems in Member States, the project aims to create a new professional profile (Expert in the Research of Missing People & Minors) by developing a new qualification with the same title, aimed not only for VET Providers, but also for law enforcement agents, civil protection personnel, firefighters, lawyers that work in investigative fields and national and local authorities.

This week, LOST2 partners participated in person and online, in the 3rd Partners’ Meeting of the project, hosted by EUROMASC in Oslo (NO), between May 28th and 29th.

This meeting was pivotal to agree on the next steps towards the conclusion of LOST2 qualification’s development process, and for transferring all training materials developed in the partnership (and translated into the languages of the partnership – EL, EN, IT, NO and PT) into the future LOST2 Platform.

LOST2 qualification will have 7 training courses with a total of 13 modules, focused on topics such as Assistance and Prevention, Family Support, Research and Implementation, and Data Collection and Analysis. The main purpose is to foster the official recognition of this qualification in all EU countries, allowing for the upskilling and reskilling of professionals already working on the area, under a lifelong learning perspective.

Until the end of June, the partners will be focused on piloting the training materials at national level, to collect feedback from the participants of the different sessions and understand if there is the need to make improvements, before the training materials can be transferred into LOST2 Platform, and before it can be tested as well by partners themselves and also by its end-users.

The next Partners’ Meeting will be held in October, in Athens, hosted by The Smile of the Child. Until then, many news and updates will be provided in LOST2 website and on its social media channels, which we invite you to follow!

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