LOST2 Project meeting

LOST2 Project partners gathered last week (15-16 September) in Lisbon for the 2nd Partners’ Meeting!
Hosted by Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas, this was an opportunity to all partners to focus on an array of matters, including:
  • The results from the research and interviews made by all partners, at national level, focused on the search systems, definition of “disapearance”, protocols used when searching for a missing child, etc.;
  • Quality assurance criteria of the project and of its results/outcomes;
  • LOST2 Dictionary of competences (terminology to consider in the new training course that is currently being developed);
  • Demo of LOST2 Platform (where the course will be available to public, and all organisations working in the missing people phenomenon will be able to cooperate);
  • Planning of the next steps of the project, to be concluded by May 2025.
This meeting was also an opportunity to hear the intervention of two experts specialised in the missing people phenomena: Portuguese criminologist Joana Amaral Dias and Louis Barry, a North American investigator.
Next LOST2 activity will be a staff training, in Peruggia (IT), but more news will come soon about other activities of this innovative project!
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