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M4A final events in Sezana (Sl)

The final Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of M4A Marketing4Artists project took place in Sežana, Slovenia, where the national Multiplier Event (ME) was also carried out.

EfVET was represented in the TPM and ME of the project, which were held between November 15th and 17th, hosted by M4A coordinator Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana. They were an opportunity for partners to gather in person for the last time, with three main purposes:

  1. To assess the implementation of all activities conducting to the achievement of the M4A results:

M4A Transnational Report (focused on M4A methodology, developed based on the results from a desk research, a survey to VET Art teachers and students and focus groups aimed at VET school directors, VET Art teachers and students, and artists);

M4A Training Content and Evaluation System (containing 6 didactic modules aimed at VET Art Teachers and Students for the development of marketing and entrepreneurship skills);

M4A Policy Recommendation (currently under development, aimed at education policy and decision makers on the use of M4A results in VET Art courses to reply to the need to  have a curricula that includes subjects specific to the development of the above-mentioned skills).

  1. To agree on the next steps to take towards the conclusion of all remaining activities, including the development of reports about all Multiplier Events held by each partner in its own country.
  2. To ensure participation of all M4A partners at the Multiplier Event, so that partners and participants could meet each other and also network.


M4A Partners at the final TPM (Nov. 15th/16th – Sežana, Slovenia) | Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana (SI), EfVET (BE), LIVE College (FI), Materahub (IT), “Romulus Ladea” High School of Visual Arts (RO and Education In Progress (ES)

The project will be concluded on January 8th, 2024. Until then, partners must revise the draft version of the M4A Policy Recommendation to ensure its quality and effectiveness, carry out the remaining MEs (in Italy, Finland, Romania and Spain) and provide their reports to EfVET and Materahub, for the project’s Dissemination and Quality Assurance final reports.

Regarding the Slovenian M4A Multiplier Event, is was carried out on November 17th, in the premisses of Incubator Sežana (a hub for entrepreneur artists and graduate students).


M4A Multiplier Event, in Incubator Sežana (Nov. 17th, 2023)

The Director of Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana opened the event, moderated by a teacher from the Ljubljana Faculty of Design.

During the event,  the M4A coordinator, Maja Prešeren, presented the projects and its main result (M4A Training Content and Evaluation System), urging all participants to access to it, to register and to enrol in all its Didactic Units.

The perspective of teachers about the importance of teaching marketing and entrepreneurship to VET Art students was provided by the moderator, Aleš Lipnik, followed by the testimony of two students who presented their project, considered as success case, and provided their own perspective about the topic.

After a short coffee-break, Maja Lipnik from Incubator Sežana addressed the work done by this institution to support innovative artists, and how M4A is a valuable tool that can be used by the Incubator in mentoring sessions, and also by start-ups.

A delegation of teachers coming from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (with which Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana often collaborates in students’ mobility activities) participated in the event. Dr. Narantogtok Davaajav presented this University and talked about the annual Golden Mouse Festival, organised by the University and open to all Art students from VET and HE levels.

Jurij Tenze and Minea Vrab, students from Šolski center Srečka Kosovela Sežana, won the Golden Mouse Award and explained how they do it to all M4A Multiplier Event participants, a nice way to conclude this event, that had more than 30 participants among which were Art school directors, teachers, students and artists!

Access to the website of the project (https://m4a.erasmus4artists.eu/)), where you can access to the M4A Transnational Report, check all news and activities carried out throughout the project, and also register and enrol in M4A Training Content and Evaluation System, which issues a Certificate of Achievement after the successful completion of each Didactic Unit!

Next Multiplier Events: Matera (IT) and Espoo (FI)! More news about them will be available on the project’s website and social media, soon.

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