Managing for @ School of Success


Coordinator: Edufor / Agrupamento de Escolas de Mangualde – Portuga Contact

Details: Marian de Villanueva

Starting / Ending Date: SEP 2015- SEP 2018

Summary: The project is organized around this objectives:
1 – Know and share school management experiences in different European contexts with different actors and distribution of responsibilities;
2 Identify experiences developed in different levels of school management, associated with the principle of a more transparent, developed at the local level;
4 – Produce and disseminate knowledge on local, municipal and national policies on school management, able to change the perceptions of stakeholders regarding the school management.

Funding Agency: Portugal national agency


Universidade do Port,\”Ridolfi- Zimarino\”,Poland,Branston Junior Academy,C.E.C.E,Hertogenbosch

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