MateraHub stays up-to-date with the latest EU educational features

MateraHub stays up-to-date with the latest European educational processes, tools and methodologies

The staff constantly lloks at the EU SDGs policies and the recently released GreenComp framework along with the EntreComp, LifeComp and DigComp frameworks. Moreover, MateraHub is an active partner of two engaging and innovative Erasmus+ projects, namely Sustrainy and EcoDesign4EU.

Both projects explore sustainability principles, policies, business goals and processes to provide young people with comprehensive tools and skills for the implementation of sustainable entrepreneurial projects, business and management activities within any economic sectors, including CCIs.

Starting from the sustainability guidelines developed within the Sustrainy project to foster the alignment of business practises to the EU objectives of sustainable and smart growth in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, these topics are further investigated and consolidated by the objectives of EcoDesign4EU project to implement appropriate tools and methods for young learners and entrepreneurs within CCIs sectors, to define and apply sustainable business goals, management processes and the impact of business activities on the environment.

Currently, the EcoDesign4EU partnership is developing training tools, methodologies and activities based on ecodesign principles and appropriate business plans such as the Eco-Design Creative Project Canvas, contributing to the transition to a Circular Economy in these sectors.

Photo by Paula Prekopova on Unsplash


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