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MODERN Tooklit project aim of the Dissemination Plan is to create the conditions for the successful dissemination of the project results both during the project and once the project finishes.

Many digital and mobile resources are ideally suited for use in higher vocational education since them:
– have been proven to generate a significant increase in adult learning engagement, information retention, specialist and transversal competences
– are well suited to heard to reach learners, with time or geographic limitations
– require no large investments in hardware

Therefore, the full exploration of mobile and digital resources in adult education. On one hand, there has been such a rapid proliferation of cloud-based educational tools, platforms and learning environments that quality is extremely varied. The attitudes and abilities of VET and HEI teacher and lecturers are often an obstacle. They are often mature practitioners and a large proportion lack the ICT skills and teaching strategies. And we believe that the digital sector has matured and in many excellent options ARE available both for computer and phone/table usage. We are serious about integrating technology into education, we need VET and HEI teachers to filter out the gimmicks and implement only the best pedagogical tools. Modern Toolkit will be able to leverage a much greater understanding of the needs and solutions for VET and HEI staff than cloud be achieved on our own, thus producing a much relevant, high quality, sustainable learning resource.
To increase the ability and motivation of teachers and trainers to use digital learning resources as a means to more effective, relevant teaching, thereby causing a positive impact in their students and in the sector. It will focus on VET and HEI teachers and training.

The objective aimed to:
– Carry out an Audit of Digital and Interactive learning resources to present and categorise the range of resources currently available and analyse the pedagogic strengths and weaknesses of the 20 most promising resources.
– Create, publish and promote the MODERN Tool kit providing practical guidance and tools for educators wishing to incorporate digital e-learning resources with highest potential into their daily teaching strategies, featuring the 20 best.
– Develop a short e-learning course to motivate/guide educators to pursue more innovative pedagogic strategies using mobile and digital e-learning resources. Uniquely, each module of the course will be taught using a different platform, thus integrating learning outcomes with the delivery mechanism.
– Test, publish and strongly promote the course, to facilitate its mainstreaming as a part of professional training in VET and HEI institutions.


Contact Details: Canice Hamill –




3. Momentum Marketing Services Ltd (IE);


5. EfVET (NL)

Funding Agency: ERASMUS+ UK National Agency

Duration: 01.09.2015-01.09.2017

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MODERN Brochure November 2015

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MODERN toolkit

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