Mobility project: training to the NTH Power

AFP is glad to announce that the first flow of mobilities relevant to the Training the nth power project have been completed.

AFP Colline Astigiane (Italy)

The initiative involves student in the Hotel and Tourism sector, namely cooks, waiters and hotel receptionists selected from 6 different VET centres located in the north west corner of Italy. At the present state of play 20 students terminated their work placements in Caceres, in the region of Extremadura while 15 have performed their internship in Dresden at local restaurants and hotels.

The work placement is fully integrated into the VET path of the participants who are really young in age (16 – 18 y.o.) and thanks to the validation and recognition of the Learning Outcomes based on a ECVET friendly process accepted by the local VET Authority in Italy, provided the opportunity of having the skills acquired included in the widest portfolio of AFP’s skills inventory.

50 more students are currently undergoing their mobility in the same filed but in different destinations: 20 students in Palma de Mallorca, 15 in Malta and 15 in Bochum. This second mobility flow will end on April 17th and will allow the students a better understanding of their abilities just before their final qualification exams, that will take place in late May.

Together with the students a small number of trainers and VET coordinators joined the project: Training to the nth power gave the opportunity to job shadow fellow colleagues in Caceres and Mallorca in the restaurant service field while other staff members had the chance to observe the organisation of the dual VET paths in Mallorca thanks to the cooperation of the local VET Authority and Partner VET centres.

The closing ceremony of the project is already scheduled on May 10th, upon completion of the second flow.


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