MobMan TWBL: A Mobility Management Platform for Transnational WBL

MobMan TWBL: A Mobility Management Platform for Transnational Work-Based Learning 

The idea for MobMan TWBL comes from research and the observation that the managing of TWBL can be a time-consuming process and thereby can discourage educational and training institutions from offering this type of experience to their students. MobMan aims to fil the resources gap between what institutions require to manage TWBL and what is currently available. The MobMan TWBL project was launched on October 2018 and will end on August 2021. 

Five partners from four countries (England, France, Spain, and Portugal) are involved in the project with the Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France (AOCDTF). The AOCDTF’s main role is to provide our expertise in international mobility to design the MobMan platform and contributes to the creation of tools that aim to help future users of the platform. 

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns imposed across Europe, the partners of the project have been working over the past months on an IT-based transnational work-based learning Mobility Management Platform that allows for the grouping of all necessary information into one place. The platform includes Data Input Tables, Data Output Modules & sample Document Templates, which will be customisable by users. The platform can be used on individual computers and also via servers for multiple users thereby enhancing transparency, usefulness and accessibility. It will be open source, freely consultable & downloadable via the MobMan TWBL website and available in the 4 languages of the project (English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish). 

Work has also been completed on a series of 7 Training Tutorials and Interactive Learning Activities which will allow users to develop their knowledge of the functionalities of the platform and in particular the platform interface, the document generator functionality – with templates to produce tailored documents with ease – and report generator. A FAQ Platform User Guide has also been created to support the use of the platform. 

The platform, training tutorials, learning activities and FAQ user guide were tested in March 2021 and the project partners are now fine-tuning the outputs. Ideas and suggestions have been made for further development of the platform, such as connecting it with European existing tools (Mobility Tool, Europass).  

To follow the project, visit the Facebook page at this link. 

All resources and materials produced through the project will be freely consultable and downloadable via the website  

If you would like to get involved in the project and host a trainee, please contact the MobMan partners via the Forum section on the MobMan TWBL website.


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