My Internship Experience at EfVET

My name is Eirin Aasen, I am 19 years old and I have been an intern at EfVET for the past 2 and a half months. I travelled from Norway January 6th 2024, and since then have been living and working in Brussels and at EfVET. My internship is a part of a vocational education in Norway, where I work as an apprentice in service and administration. In the summer I will be taking my exam and getting my certificate of apprenticeship after 2 years working full time at the Norwegian Courts Administration.

My time in Brussels and at EfVET has not been that long, but I have made the most of my time here. At EfVET I have mainly worked on financial and communication tasks. I have learned so much, gained new perspectives, and covered many parts of my curriculum for my apprenticeship. I am happy to have worked with great people at EfVET that has made my experience amazing. I really appreciate the trust and opportunity to work with the team doing important tasks. 

While living in Brussels I joined a gym, and spent my afternoons cooking and working out. I have tried to make the most of my weekends exploring the city, and also taking use of the amazing train system and discovering new places. The first weekend trip I took was to Paris when my mom came to visit in January. After that I have been to Bruges, Antwerp and London. I have had a few visitors, and also had the opportunity to meet new people both from Norway and internationally. It has given me many new perspectives and I have gained a lot of new relations and experiences. 

As this chapter in my life is closing, I am excited for a new one to open. I have had the chance to observe various aspects of projects, communication, administration and finance. Thank you to EfVET for the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks.

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