My journey at EfVET

My journey at EfVET

I started a 6-month internship at EfVET in January 2022. I had no expectations but to learn as much as possible and work in a comfortable environment. I am glad to say that those expectations were greatly achieved. Working in a small but close-knit team allowed me to feel not only comfortable, but also confident about my tasks.

From the very beginning, I was given the opportunity to be involved in the projects EfVET is working on, which are very diverse on topics. From attending regular meetings where I have met very interesting people and from multiple backgrounds, to developing deliverables and doing research.

As soon as my internship ended, I was lucky and glad to stay at EfVET as a staff member in Brussels. That was the continuity of a nice and enriching journey, from which I have learnt a lot. I joined as a Project and Membership Assistant, not only to continue working on projects, but also to be involved in membership and provide the best service possible to the EfVET core: its Members.

Working at EfVET has been a great experience, especially for a new and fresh starter as I was. My colleagues were always very helpful and looking forward to teaching and giving me the chance to learn by doing. I am very grateful to EfVET, and my colleagues in particular. Now it is time to go a step further in my professional career, and take all the knowledge acquired at EfVET with me.

Ainhoa Segurola

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