NE(W)AVE: Can the World Run on Renewable Energy?

NE(W)AVE: Can the World Run on Renewable Energy?

The 6th issue of the Newsletter of the project NE(W)AVE reNEWAble e-VET learning has been published. It is titled: NE(W)AVE: Can the World Run on Renewable Energy? – “The nation that leads in renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world.”

About the project:

In three years, the project developed an Overall Report containing the results of the research on skills needed for jobs related to renewable energy, available in English, Italian, Greek, Danish, German, and Spanish.

For the project consortium the research findings served as a basis for the content development of the NE(W)AVE Open Online Course which is freely accessible by all those learners who want to upgrade and convert their existing “green” competences.

With the aim of supporting VET trainers, tutors and mentors in their acquisition of new competences, the NE(W)AVE project partners also developed an E-toolkit for education professionals in vocational education and training.

All the best practices gathered during the NE(W)AVE project led to the development of the NE(W)AVE Opportunities and Recommendations, an excursus from VET learning to jobs in the field of renewable energy.

More information available here.

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