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Policy handbook on C-VET by Cedefop

Teachers and trainers – brochure on the results of the TWG

The “Horizon Report Europe: 2014 Schools Edition” – See joint EAC-JRC press release:

The report, based on the input from a range of educational experts and 150+ other documents, analyses the trends, challenges and technologies that will impact European school education in the next five years.

The first section focuses on six trends driving technology decision-making and planning. The second section identifies six challenges likely to be an obstacle for the adoption of new technologies. Both sections include a short discussion of the implications of each trend or challenge for policy, leadership, and practice in European schools, along with examples and relevant readings.

The third section, which discusses six important developments in educational technology, is framed by these trends and challenges. The adoption or abandonment of these technologies by European schools will largely be determined by policy choices.

The full report is available here:

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