NSB Project Learning Activity: STEAM Methodology

NSB Project Learning Activity: STEAM Methodology 

During last week (8 to 12 May 2023), all partners from NSB No One Stays Behind project funded by Erasmus+ Programme, gathered in Maribor (SI) for a Learning Activity focused on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) methodology, an innovative approach to education that allows students to join theoretical knowledge and practical application of these areas to find solutions to real life problems. 

SERŠ Maribor was the partner responsible for organising this activity, which had an interesting agenda that included multiple workshops focused on STEAM methodology. Partners had the opportunity to share their experiences in the implementation of this methodology with their own students (EfVET presented the definition of STEAM methodology, its added value in education and provided an example of activity that can be implemented by partners in classroom). Moreover, NSB partners participated in an interesting session where they worked collaboratively in a set activities (which can later be replicated with their students) involving the use of Lego™  and other materials to build objects! 

In addition to these workshops, NSB partners had the chance to discuss the project’s progress so far and the next steps towards the development of its results, which include: 

  • An App for android and IOS with digital motivational animation content, for NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) students from Vocational Education and Training (VET);
  • An “e-Book – “The role of the Mentor … in 1 minute!”, for VET Mentors working with these students;
  • A “Summer School … implementation and constitution manual” digital guideline, with virtual scientific experiences and practical cases of proven VET applicability;
  • A digital and interactive evaluation management platform to assess usability of NSB results, based on their quantitative and qualitative analysis.

For this last result, EfVET will have an important role as it will request all its Members to test the platform and to provide their feedback about its usability and application, allowing NSB partners to understand the platform’s sustainability potential. 

More news about NSB project can be found on its website and social media (Facebook and LinkedIn). Join NSB Community and follow its activities and achievements. Understand how the project’s results can be used by your organisation to help NEET students!  

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