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NSB Project Learning Activity: “The Role of the Mentor in Education”

Between November 5th and 10th, 2023, partners of NSB No One Stays Behind project were welcomed by the Cypriot partner Episkopi Secondary School for the second Learning Activity (LTTA) of the project.

Implemented under the topic “The role of the Mentor in Education”, this LTTA was an opportunity for all partners to delve into the importance of the Mentor in the education process and on the relevance of mentoring for overcoming teachers’ daily challenges for the sake of their well-being and the quality of the working environment.

However, it was also the chance to make an overview of the work carried out by partners in the development of all NSB project results (PR), with presentations made by each PR leading partner, followed by discussions on the next steps to take towards the accomplishment of the project’s results before NSB implementation period is concluded.

As such, on the first day, partners were welcomed at Episkopi Secondary School by the staff members involved in the project, and with a traditional Cypriot dance performed by some of the school’s students. A very warm welcome indeed!

Figure 1 Welcome to Episkopi Secondary School

After this welcome ceremony, partners gathered for a short project meeting where the agenda for the whole week was presented. Moreover, there was time to make an overview of the project management process (including the implementation of the next two LTTAs in Italy and Turkey and the next periodic report to be submitted to the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency) and the dissemination activities carried out so far, led by EfVET.

The highlight of the second day was the learning activity titled “Training: Mentoring Programmes for Headteachers”, held by Prof. Elena Christofidou, Coordinator of In Service Training Programs for School Leaders, in Cyprus Pedagogical Institute.

Figure 2 Prof. Elena Christofidou (Cyprus Pedagogical Institute)

Prof. Elena Christofidou explained to all NSB partners the Mentoring Programme carried out by this Institute, including the different stages of the Programme that involves Mentor and Mentees (i.e., Headteachers) in a process that includes the creation of a comfortable environment where Mentees feel they can share their experiences and concerns, and find solutions for their daily challenges in a collaborative way.

The results from this learning activity were insightful for the work that NSB partners are carrying out to develop PR2 “e-Book – “The role of the Mentor … in 1 minute!”, which was presented afterwards by Episkopi Secondary School team who informed all partners that the contents of the e-book are almost ready for editing!

This presentation was followed by the presentation of the achievements made so far by NSB coordinator EPATV (Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde, PT) on PR3 “Summer School … implementation and constitution manual”, which proposes a set of tools to be used when organising and implementing Summer School initiatives.

PR1 App for android and IOS with digital motivational animation content, aimed at NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) students from Vocational Education and Training (VET) was tested by all partners on the next day, to understand what more can be done to fine tune it, before being ready to be used by students.

This LTTA also included other activities such as cultural visits to relevant sites in Limassol and Nicosia, and a meeting with the Episkopi Mayor:

Figure 3 NSB Partners with the Mayor of Episkopi town

The last day of the LTTA was dedicated to discuss the contents of PR4, the digital and interactive evaluation management platform, aimed to assess usability of NSB results, based on their quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The activity was concluded with the issuance of the Certificates of Attendance to all NSB partners, and the required NSB family picture!

Figure 4 EfVET Team with the representatives of Episkopi Secondary School

The next NSB LTTA will be held in March 2024, hosted by IISS Concetto Marchesi, in Sicily (IT).

Until then, please access to the project’s website and follow its social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn) for more news about the project and for joining NSB Community!

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