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The OASIS  project is about facilitating the adoption of OS technologies in education through practical applications, training and mentoring activities for managing real educational & labor oriented problems with a view to increase openness and not closed intellectual property.

OASIS aims to provide several well designed actions that boost students’ appreciation of Open Science entrepreneurship disciplines and professions and also their understanding of sustainable solutions that address Open Science challenges of the 21st century.

OASIS round_robin: It presents the circular rounds of OASIS activities in a more graphical way to stakeholders and students.

In many fields, there is an immense pressure to publish which is why many academics work way too much, trying to strike a rich vein with which they can produce sexy results that they can publish in high impact journals. Sexy results are thematically cool, unforeseen, positive, and, of course, significant. Through high-impact publications, researchers hope to gain the attention of the media and important people in their field so that they are cited more and have a higher h-index. Once they have many publications, they get more grants, and/or tenure, hire many PhD students, which again need to publish their results in high-impact journals to advance on the career ladder.

OASIS has arrived and it certainly comes with excitement and determination. Changing the way HEIs are structured is not easy business, but the OS ecosystem is a great start to find the core; and re-shape it.

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