Organizational Success through Employee Satisfaction

Eurosuccess Consulting participates in the European project OSTESA EU – Organizational Success through Employee Satisfaction, an Erasmus + project co-funded by the EU with the main aim to generate organizational success through employee satisfaction. The project involves a robust partnership of five partners from five different European countries.

Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus)

What is OSTESA EU?

Through an innovative training methodology, the OSTESA EU project supports companies to promote a positive organisational climate and to increase employees’ satisfaction. With enhanced leadership competencies, managers and line managers will be better prepared to increase the competitiveness of their enterprises while strengthening the motivation of their human capital.

What are the objectives of this project?

Improving the organizational climate in SMEs, motivation and engagement of employees, increasing the availability of the tools for improving an organizational climate through developing competencies, improving the capacity of employers and HR managers to understand the need to work on better organizational climate in enterprises and improving the capacity of trainers and HR departments, are just some of the objectives that the OSTESA EU project will attempt to reach during its implementation.

Who can benefit from OSTESA EU?

SME general managers, business owners, line managers, SME employees, trainers, consultants, partner organizations and their staff, VET organizations, HR departments, public and private labour actors, are the ones to benefit from this project.

The consortium

The OSTESA EU involves five partner organisations from five European countries: OIC Poland Foundation (Poland- Project Coordinator), Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus), Inova Mais (Portugal), Fondazione ISTUD (Italy) and DAP Services (Czech Republic).

Project Outputs

  • Research Analysis Report
  • Organizational Climate Assessment Tool: Are you a company? An HR manager? Or an employee? If yes, this tool is what you need to assess the current state of the organisational climate in your workplace! Register here and have access to an automated report with the evaluation of the organisational climate dimensions that you will choose to assess.
  • Programme Toolkit: According to the results of the diagnostic carried though the OCA Tool, the facilitator of the organisational climate improvement process (e.g. a trainer, HR manager) will suggest a set of training programmes suitable for your needs. They will be available here
  • Guide for SMEs owners, general managers and line managers: If you would like to have a more positive organisational climate and you don’t know how, this guide is for you! It targets only managers and SME’s owners since its purpose is to promote the shift in the leadership style for a positive organisational climate by including individual reflection exercises and case studies based on real scenarios. The guide will be available here
  • Train-The-Trainer Package (TTT Package): A comprehensive resource that includes training programmes, scenarios and materials to create and improve the organizational climate.

The OSTESA EU products will be available in all national languages of the project: Polish, Greek, Italian, Czech and Portuguese.

News from the project

The consortium is in the process of finalising and translating the outputs of the project. You can visit the website of the project for more news and contact information: or the website of Eurosuccess Consulting: .

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