Our course catalogue on teachers’ digital skills is online

Our course catalogue on teachers’ digital skills is online

“Module it! Digital Teaching for VET” is a European project aiming to improve the digital competences of teachers and trainers in the VET sector. It was designed under the Erasmus+ digital call, during the first year of the Covid-pandemic, indeed to support teachers in the new challenge of digital teaching.The two main outputs of the project are a course catalogue on teachers’ digital skills and a 40-hour training module to be developed together with other European schools online.

The training module has been finalised and piloted in the last training year by the four partners school: the coordinator Apro Formazione (Italy) and the partners Noorderpoort (Netherlands), Faculté des Métiers – École Hôtelière de Cannes (France) and SEDU (Finland).
The methodology created is meant to be implemented in vocational and practical subjects. While we decided to pilot it in the cooking sector, it may be also adapted and developed in other fields. In these months the partners are making two different guides, one addressed to teachers and one to organisations, to explain the methodology they created. The guides will be online in early 2023.

Instead, the course catalogue has already been finalised and it’s online. In October 2022, it contains 43 courses. The catalogue is meant to give teachers and trainers the opportunity to find in the same place courses, guides, videos and tutorials which can enable them to improve their digital teaching skills.
The courses were searched and selected by digital teaching experts from the project partner schools, in Italy, Finland, France and The Netherlands.

The digital education experts first established the criteria by which to select the courses, namely: the courses must be in English or in the languages of the partnership, user-friendly, interactive and with multimedia content, hands-on and free.

Once the courses were identified, teachers from the partner schools tested and evaluated them through an evaluation grid designed to assess both teacher satisfaction and the transferability of the content into classroom instruction. Each course was tested and evaluated by at least two teachers of two different partners schools. Courses with a score of at least 3 out of 5 were then validated and included in the catalogue.

Courses included in the catalogue cover the following topics: 1) digital skills; 2) the future of teaching; 3) pedagogical tools. The most of the courses are in English, but materials can be found also in Italian, French, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Romanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Greek and Croatian. The catalogue allows the users to filter by topic and by language.

Anyone interested in consulting the catalogue can find it online, on the project website: https://moduleit.eu/course-catalogue. For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Apro Formazione at europa@aproformazione.it.



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