Peer Review – More Impact, Excellent Results

Imagine four enthusiastic VET professionals from different European countries working hard on quality issues and having a good time. Learning from each other and from the processes of the host organization. Being critical and sharing knowledge. Happened a week ago at CIRIUS Kamnik in Slovenia. Premier is the right answer.

Luovi Vocational College (Finland)

We have built the project on the experiences and the feedback received of the Strength from Peer Review, SEPRI project. The aim is to widen the use of Peer Review to new quality areas as well as to pilot the materials, criteria and the method in new organizations and countries thus improving also the existing criteria.

So far, we have created the first version of the criteria of home internationalisation activities and piloted it once. We are in the process of updating the criteria of student mobility and international activities. We also develop the training module and make it more attractive to use.

The participants are staff members involved in international activities in the partner colleges either teachers or administration staff, including quality managers. The secondary target group is the management of the college. Premier also involves other staff, students and partners who will participate in the different phases of the Peer Review, e.g. in self-evaluation and in the interviews during Peer Visits.

Our activities

Premier includes a training module to instruct the participating organizations to carry out Peer Review and to train staff members to act as Peers. Practical training takes place at Peer Visits. We will organize five transnational meetings to work on the criteria, to develop and to disseminate the products. In addition to on-going evaluation and dissemination, we will organize five multiplier events.

What can you expect as outcomes of the project?

1) Peer Review Training module including materials, face-to-face training, on-line training and Peer Visits as practical training exercise.

2) Criteria for home internationalization. This includes activities carried out excluding mobility, e.g. receiving students and staff, cooperation with employers and immigrants.

3) Revised criteria on student mobility including apprentices, staff mobility, partnership projects and international strategy.

 Premier team

A group of ten partners from seven countries work together to improve the quality of international affairs. Peer Review – More Impact, Excellent Results known as Premier project, is financed by Erasmus + program KA2 Strategic partnerships. The project is coordinated by Luovi Vocational College, Finland.

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