“petBull” – Green and Sustainable Ideas for Pets and the Owners

As Ankara Technokent College from Turkey, we are at the stage of developing a green and sustainable project with our students regarding pets. The rationale for the project:

Pets do not only increase positive emotions such as happiness in people’s lives, but also increase their anxiety. As a result of the positive bonds established with pets, the disappearance of pets, which have become a part of the family and the home, is quite common. But not every disappearance has a happy ending. Pets that do not appear after a while, increase the state of anxiety in their owners, and as a result, feelings of panic and rush increase. Worse still, pets cannot be found.

Recently, the “microchip application”, the primary purpose of which will make pets easy to find, has started. With the protocol signed by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, it became obligatory to use microchips for owners of cats, dogs and ferrets. This application, which is not yet at the desired level, has both dissemination and localization problems. With this program, which has become mandatory, 1 million 101 thousand 557 pets have been chipped until December 2022, according to the data of the Ministry. Considering that the number of pets in our country is 4-6 million, we can claim that this number is quite low.

If we consider the reasons that cause this situation;

– People do not have time to take their pets to a veterinarian or relevant authorities and have them chipped,

-Due to the usual expenses of pets, reasons such as the chip or tracking system being considered an unnecessary expense are the main problems.

Solution Idea

By installing a GPS system circuit with a screen on the collars of lost pets, the location of the pet will be reported to the phone application called “petBull”. When he is away from the house at a certain distance, the location of the pet will be displayed on the application, and the phone information and home address of the pet owner will be written on the screen on the collar. The phone application will contain information about the pet. In case of forgetting the vaccinations that should be given to the pet at certain intervals, a reminder notification alarm will sound on the phone screen thanks to the application so that the health of the animal is not endangered. The battery will be charged with the electricity produced from the solar panel, and the GPS system circuit with the screen on the pet’s collar will work for a long time. At night, there will be flashing LEDs on the collar so that the pet can be noticed. If there are two lines on the pet collar, the pet has a health problem. If there is a single line, it is stated that there is a hearing or vision problem. Our aim in developing this product is to make a domestic production and to provide easier access to everyone, we will make software in Android. We want to develop a domestic animal tracking system and application in Türkiye. For example, the Apple chip, which is among our competitors, is only active in Apple users.

In Türkiye, as of 01/01/2021, within the scope of the regulation that came into force with the Official Gazette dated 26 February 2018 and numbered 30344; On the other hand, it has become mandatory to apply microchip to cats and ferrets within one year as of 01/01/2022. Thanks to the microchips applied under the skin, it will be possible to access important information about the animal and its owner through the PETVET system. With the chip application, the pet’s name, passport number, breed, breed, gender, color, date of birth, owner’s name, province, district, village/neighborhood, and the person who can be reached in an emergency, together with the vaccine, Change of owner, loss and operation of the animal are also recorded. However, these microchips only work if someone finds your cat or dog and decides to return them to you or take them to a shelter or vet. What if they don’t? As soon as you realize that your cat or dog is lost, you will find your pet with a local phone application without risking it with the GPS system. where your pets roam freely with petBull; locate your pet no matter how far away they are; If you’re traveling in another province or country, you can follow them too; If you have a pet living outside, you can track their where abouts in real time, especially for those who keep stray animals.


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