Peter Hodgson

Born 1951 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. Graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Hatfield Polytechnic in 1973 and a Post Graduate Diploma in National and Regional Economic Planning followed by a short period in Social Development with a UK New Town Development Corporation before entering the world of Vocational Education and Training as a Senior Manager and subsequently Vice Principal of a Vocational Education College in the UK, as well as periods working at Regional and National level through the Further Education Unit across the UK. 

Peter has, from his early years in Education, a passion for working with young people to broaden their horizons and maximise their potential.  In the early 1980’s Peter recognised the importance of Internationalisation to support young people and hence drove the Strategic development of his College in this direction. He has over 36 year experience in using European Development Funding (from Comet to Erasmus + programmes of the EU) and is an expert in Educational Development initiatives and project management.

He joined EfVET in 1998 as the UK National Representative before being elected as Vice President in 2001. Peter was instrumental, amongst others, in broadening EfVETs appeal, membership and indeed relationships with the European Commission and other European stakeholders including the Business sectors.

In 2006 Peter was elected President and remained in this post until he stepped down in 2016.  Now retired, Peter devotes his time supporting his family, volunteering with a Charity that runs a support service to vulnerable young people and adults alike and remaining fit and active. He has been a passionate adventurer, mountaineer, global traveller and keen sportsman.

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