Pilot Platform of Vocational Excellence Water – Pilot PoVE Water


Pilot PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector, translating them into an approach of vocational excellence. This ensures upward convergence of VET with (EU) knowledge triangles and a strong engagement with the regional economic and social ecosystems. The project intends to create the infrastructure necessary to embed vocational excellence in the water sector in Europe, thus laying the grounds for vocational curriculum development and consequently competence development of VET students.

Pilot PoVE Water aims to:

  • Ensure that VET is at the forefront of research and technological developments in the water sector;
  • Ensure that current and future water sector professionals have the work attitude, knowledge and competences that the rapid changing EU water industry demands;
  • Identify the existing and emerging labour market needs and enhance the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET systems to these needs;
  • Promote synergies, cooperation and cross-fertilisation.

Main outputs of the project will be:

  • Vocational Excellence Scanning tools to identify the existing systems of Vocational Excellence of the participating organisations and prepare the knowledge sharing process;
  • 5 Centres of Vocational Excellence Water, acting up as regional ‘Skills ecosystems’;
  • The platform of Vocational Excellence Water, bringing an EU dimension to Vocational Excellence in the water sector;
  • An Upscaling strategy, for the PoVE Water, to grow and create a critical mass and sustainable ground for further development.


The Pilot PoVE project intends to excel in vocational education in the Water sector developing regional/national CoVE Water and unite these centres under the umbrella of the PoVE Water. The infrastructure that will be put in place and the sustainable strategic cooperation’s that will be the main output of this project will constitute a solid basis for the development of joint curriculum.

PoVE Water is a European project in the renewed Erasmus program that aims to strengthen the skills of VET professionals in the water sector. In addition to the skills that are important now, the project focuses on the emerging skills that will become increasingly important in the future.


The main outputs being the results of the implementation work packages lead directly to the achievement of Pilot PoVE Water objectives, horizontal results such a  management, evaluation and dissemination results in a more indirect way as they support the cooperation between partners, the development and quality of results and ensure impact.


  • Friesland college Stichting voor Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (The Netherlands)


  • Stichting Platform Beta en Techniek (The Netherlands)
  • VITENS NV (The Netherlands)
  • Learning Hub Friesland, foundation (The Netherlands)
  • Glasgow Clyde College (United Kingdom)
  • Mechanics and Technology College of Olaine (OMTK) (Latvia)
  • Riga Technical University (Latvia)
  • MCAST (Malta)
  • Water Services Corporation (Malta)
  • CREA Hydro & Energy ZS (Czech Republic)
  • Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic)
  • EfVET (Belgium)


Start: 01/11/2019 – End: 31/12/2021


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