Pilot project V2V-VET to VET Capacity buildings in Western Balkans took off!

The pilot project V2V – VET to VET Capacity buildings in Western Balkans took off! 

The kick-off meeting of the pilot project V2V – VET to VET Capacity buildings in Western Balkans has ended a few days ago, marking the beginning of the preparation of capacity building activities. 

The kick-off meeting was divided into five sessions of two hours each and spread over two weeks, from 15 to 25 March 2021. All twelve project partners (10 VET provider, EfVET and Xarxa) participated in the meetings and involved their colleagues who will work on the various activities. During the five web meetings, the general programme of the project and the operational plan were presented; the steering team, the communication team and the financial team were defined and the methods of collaboration at a distance were developed; finally, the twinnings were activated, which will be the core of the project: five European schools will work alongside five Western Balkan schools for the three years of the project duration, in a process of exchange of competences and knowledge. 

The twinnings are: 

  • APRO Formazione (IT) with Danilo Kiš – Budva (ME)
  • Noorderpoort (NL) with SŠSK – Sarajevo (BiH) 
  • SEDU (FI) with Centre of Competence – Ferizaj (XK) 
  • SIC Ljubliana (SI) with JU SSŠ “Ivan Uskoković” (ME) 
  • GSC (HR) with Diakonie Training Center (XK) 

The V2V pilot project aims to work within the framework of the modernisation of vocational education and training systems in the Western Balkans. From April 2021 the partners will start preparatory activities for capacity building; i.e. the definition of a common glossary on VET systems, internationalization and labour market; the analysis of the VET systems of the countries involved in the project; the structuring of an online repository on useful topics for mobility (entry visas, Covid-19, insurance, safety at work, etc.); the definition of a common and modular mobility process among European schools, to be shared with Balkan schools. 

The partners will work together remotely to carry out the preparatory activities, with the hope of meeting face-to-face in September 2021, with the start of the professional visits. Through these visits, all the European schools will visit the Balkan schools and vice versa, so as to deepen their mutual knowledge of the realities in which they operate. 

All participants showed enthusiasm and a great desire to cooperate: we are looking forward to shaping the future of the project! 

The project is led by Apro Formazione and has received funding from the European Union. This communication reflects the views only the author’s view, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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