Piloting ECVET in the national education system of Russia and Uzbekistan

The RUECVET: Piloting ECVET in the national education system of Russia and Uzbekistan, Erasmus + CBHE funded project comes to the end after three years. The main objective of RUECVET was to develop a network of national and transnational key Higher Education and Vocational Education institutions for facilitating and supporting the implementation of ECVET in Russia and Uzbekistan.

Intercollege Nicosia (Cyprus)

Over the past three years a total of eleven partners -three from EU countries such as Cyprus, Malta and Latvia, five partners from Russia and three from Uzbekistan- have collaborated in order to pilot the ECVET methodology and its technical features within the national context of Russia and Uzbekistan.

A number of key outcomes have resulted from this collaboration which is briefly mentioned below:

Training & Support for VET professionals

  • The ECVET Master Guide: A complete set of methodological guidelines and procedures for understanding and implementing the technical framework of ECVET based on the RUECVET methodology. (EN, RU, UZ)
  • ECVET e-Learning: an electronic guide in the form of a tutorial course specifically designed for understanding and implementing the key technical features of ECVET (RU).
  1. Full course (RU) – a course for the conversion of a VET study programme using such features as the functional analysis approach and the development of units of learning outcomes;
  2. Brief course (RU) – a shorter ECVET introductory course.
  • ECVET National Training Centres – 4 ECVET National Training Centres – 2 in Russia (Tver and Yekaterinburg) and 2 in Uzbekistan (Kokand and Nukus) were established as professional training spaces for delivering ECVET workshops under the instruction of trained instructors who have participated in the RUECVET project.
  •  A network of RUECVET representatives: an extended list of RUECVET representatives providing hands-on advice with ECVET within the national context of the respective country.

For accessing all of the RUECVET outcomes you can visit the project’s website at www.ruecvet.uz 

Final report of the project.


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