Podium of the centers of FPEmpresa in Libera Makers

Podium of the centers of FPEmpresa in Libera Makers

Centro San Valero (Zaragoza, Spain), IES Cosme García (La Rioja, Spain), and IES Enrique Flórez (Burgos, Spain) have been the winners of LIBERA Makers, the call for ‘LIBERA, united against the rubbish’ of SEOBirdLIfe and Ecoembes that invited students to propose their solutions innovative to fight against garbage.

More than 1.000 students from 62 Vocational Training centers have competed, devising prototypes to prevent human waste from damaging nature, and a dozen member centers of FPEmpresa, Association of Vocational Training Centers, reached the disputed final, held on June 25, with digital form due to social distance measures after the COVID-19 crisis.

The first prize in this 1st Edition of LIBERA Makers was for the Polyhibris project, proposed by students from the San Valero Center (Zaragoza) and is endowed with 3.000 € in school supplies. This solution arises by applying free code, the basis of the “Movement Creator”, devising a collaborative and educational model that the jury has considered of high quality, both in approach and in the models worked on.

The inventor IES Cosme García (Logroño) obtained the second prize, with 2.000 € of this concept, with the WaterCleaner project, an initiative that has been highly valued for its originality and which achievements have a double objective: to clean the water and raise awareness at the same time.

Finally, the proposal for the Waste Disposal System in Rivers, from the IES Enrique Flórez (Burgos), took third place, with 1.000 € in school resources, for its disruptive and original idea on an innovative system of extraction of waste in aquatic environments.

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