Premier: quality and internationalization

PREMIER Peer Review – More Impact, Excellent Results

Luovi Vocational College (Finland)

A year ago we announced the launch of an exciting new project on quality and internationalization. The Premier team, including EfVET Members: Luovi Vocational College (Finland) with ten partners from seven countries have worked hard and hands-on defining and piloting criteria and indicators on different areas of internationalization of VET i.e. student and staff mobility, internationalization at home and internationalization strategy. It may sound difficult and not attractive, but it is also fun.

After eight practical exercises, Peer Visits in partner organizations we have gained a lot of experience. They have involved many staff members in different phases of the Peer review process. Mari Kontturi (Luovi Vocational College, Coordinator of Premier), dares to say, that the visibility of international activities has increased and their staff members are more familiar with internationalization in VET.

They still have seven months to go. Two more Peer Visits and multiplier events in Finland, Sweden, Slovenia and the final session in the Netherlands. MBO Raad will organize the dissemination workshop in November 2019.

You can already come and hear about our work and the benefits for your organization in the next EfVET conference in the Azores in October 2019.

Our products are coming soon

  1. Peer Review Training module including materials, face-to-face training, online training and Peer Visits as a practical training exercise.
  2. Criteria for home internationalization. This includes activities carried out excluding mobility, e.g. receiving students and staff, cooperation with employers and immigrants.
  3. Revised criteria on student mobility including apprentices, staff mobility, partnership projects and international strategy.

 Premier team

 A group of ten partners from seven countries work together to improve the quality of international affairs. Peer Review – More Impact, Excellent Results known as Premier project, is financed by Erasmus + program KA2 Strategic Partnerships. The project is coordinated by Luovi Vocational College, Finland.

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