#PROGETTIINQUARANTENA – Communicating European projects during COVID-19

#PROGETTIINQUARANTENA – Communicating European projects during COVID-19

Materahub has activated smart working to responsibly meet the needs arising from the health emergency caused by Covid-19. Locked up in our homes we have changed the way we work, to interact with partners and also to communicate our projects.

For us, used to spend whole weeks around Europe and away from home, this becomes a completely new perspective. If previously the communication of European projects was mostly limited to periodical but numerous projects meetings in different nations, now all this no longer exists and we do not know when and if it will return to be a plausible condition.

At this moment, in which what is missing in our daily life is the human relationship, we wanted to change the way we communicate our work, presenting projects in person.

With #progettiinquarantena we wanted to “humanize” the definition of the European project and, albeit with amateur instruments, we wanted to review all the tools and ideas that we have produced in these long years of travel and projects, and to propose them again to the small big community that follows us through our social channels.

This initiative has led us to the awareness that this way of exposing ourselves will become the main pivot of our work, whatever is the definition of “normality” that awaits us, and that the narration of European projects must necessarily also pass from the human relationships hidden in them.

The invitation we send to our partners is to reach us and contribute to our initiative or to activate new communication practices for projects that experiment with a new narrative thread.

Send us your contribution by contacting us at the following e-mail address: info@materahub.com

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