Promote WBL – Final Transnational Meeting, Birmingham

Promote Work-based learning (WBL) partners met in Birmingham on 17 & 18 July 2018 to review the outcomes of the project, discuss evaluation and working methodologies and also to plan ahead for the future sustainability of the project. All finalised outcomes to project associates, stakeholders, multiplier attendees and our own networks very soon. 

EfVET participated on the last Promote WBL project meeting in Birmingham this week. Partners are committed with the concept of Work-Based Learning in their home countries, as the Polish partner explained “it works much better than the University path, only in most of the cases, theoretical. On the other hand, WBL give to the learner the opportunity to combine both practical and theoretical and even more learn earlier about the world of work”.  In short, as the colleague from Creative Alliance said, WBL:

  • Employees needed it
  • Learners needed it
  • It will support to tackle the skills gap
  • It will approach younger generations to more practical side of the world of work

Promote WBL: New resources

Promote WBL is a training course for Vocational Education & Training (VET) Teachers. It aims to facilitate and promote effective Work Based Learning (WBL). It is an online training program designed to help educators, mentors and students to create and carry out high-quality work-based learning programs. Besides informative lessons and case studies, it comprises a WBL Manual with tips & tricks. If you are a work-based educator, mentor, student or simply interested in high-quality work-based learning, register and learn about it from European experts!


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